About Us

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Saha Asia is licensed by Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) to supply Palm Oil and related products. We have built a significant presence in the Asian market for Palm Oil based edible oils and fats. We operate from our office located in a major suburb of the capital city Kuala Lumpur. Contact Us Now.

Our success has been based on developing long term relationships with our customers. We are flexible, cost-competitive and consistently seeking to exceed customers’ expectations. Our core strength is adding value for our customers through understanding their needs and finding innovative and high-quality solutions. View Our Team

With our packaging facilities located in Shah Alam, Saha Asia produces customized packaging sizes for household and Industries. The total capacity of 2000MT per monthly. View Our Facilities.

Company Purpose

Packaging and distributing of Palm Oil based edible oils and fats. Our Direction.

Company Ethics

Saha Asia’s past and current success has been based on long term repeat business with its customer while complying with regulations and industry standards. Service and best delivery have been our utmost practice to maintain high customer satisfaction. Saha Asia takes a long-term perspective with each and all customers; we endeavour to treat our customers as we would wish to be trend ourselves. We strive to provide high quality, cost-effective, supply solutions to customers for all our products. Learn more about Our Values



To mass produce a product that is safe and healthy with high quality globally.


    1. To create a partnership between multiple edible oils distributors globally. 
    2. To become one of the top companies that supplies edible oils in order to fulfill the global demand.
    3. To produce a product that contributes to  health and that is environmentally friendly.


Quality as top priority

Understanding the customers needs.

Actively engaging current market trends.

Liberal to new ideas and willing to accept opinions.

Improving continuously to satisfy the consumers.

Truthful to the company’s values, mission and vision.

Yields products that are safe and healthy to the environment.  

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